A contact list of utility providers and local real estate services to assist you in your move to Lawrence, KS…


Water:Home Inspectors:
Lawrence Utility Billing(785) 832-7878Ad Astra Home Inspections(785) 393-5527
Gas:Clouse Inspection Services(785) 821-0691
Black Hills Energy(888) 890-5554Essential Inspections(785) 550-8104
Electric:Herron Inspection Services(785) 550-1406
Westar Energy(800) 383-1183In Depth Inspection Services(785) 766-2404
Cable and Internet:McKinney Home Inspection(785) 760-4600
AT&T(855) 293-7676Royal Home Inspections(913) 938-4258
Midco(800) 888-1300Pest Inspectors:
Roofing:Advantage Termite and Pest Control  (785) 843-2887
Alpha Roofing(785) 842-2676Gunter Pest Management(785) 838-3637
Garrison Roofing(785) 841-0809Haley Pest Control(785) 843-0015
Kansas Quality Roofing(785) 979-6554Laser Pest Management(785) 749-5639
KSR Roofing(785) 749-4391Lawrence Pest Control(785) 538-4111
Kansas Quality Roofing(785) 979-6554Midwest Exterminators(785) 242-2666
Mesler Roofing and Exteriors(785) 749-0462Schendel Pest Services(785) 843-4444
Midwest Diversified(785) 856-7663Foundation Repair:
New Era Roofing and Restoration(785) 856-9967Harris Foundation Repair(785) 841-5203
Plumbers:Keating Mud Jacking(785) 865-0006
Action Plumbing(785) 843-5670Windler Foundation Repair Systems(785) 764-6398
Blue Duck Plumbing(785) 856-1152Electricians:
Kastl Plumbing(785) 841-2112Danielsan Electric (785) 371-4900
Pronto-Rooter(785) 843-2223Good Energy Solutions(785) 727-1824
Lynn Electric(785) 843-5079
Randall Electric(785) 842-9373